Signed "hebei xinda no. 7 project no. 8"


Good news: "hebei xinda steel co., LTD. Raw materials factory

7 # 160 ㎡, 8 # 160 ㎡ SCR sintering flue gas denitration project "project subject to tender,

Our company won the bid in one fell swoop and signed the contract recently.

The company leaders of this bidding project attach great importance to it.

Specific requirements for bidding documents, technical quality, etc.

Due to the tight time and heavy workload, under the leadership of the leader,

Department colleagues work hard, work together and work together.

High efficiency and high quality completed the task of preparing bidding documents.

And submitted to the tenderee as scheduled. In the end, our company has an excellent plan.

The perfect service standard and reasonable quotation have won the recognition of bid evaluation experts and tenderee.

Successful bid. Write a brilliant stroke on the company's development blueprint.

It also laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of our company in the future.