Tianjin tiantie project was successfully put into operation


The EPC project undertaken by xinzhongjin was successfully put into operation in October 2017, "tianjin tiantie coking chemical co., LTD. Coke oven flue gas desulfurization and denitrification project".

The desulfurization and low temperature denitrification catalysts used in this project are independently developed and produced by our company.

The desulfurization operation temperature of about 140 °, no solid waste pollutants, denitration realize low temperature operation, the temperature about 120 °.

The content of desulfurization inlet is 90mg/Nm3, the export is < 1mg /Nm3, the denitrification inlet is 440 mg/Nm3, and the export is 42 mg/Nm3.

Denitrification efficiency is as high as 90% at low temperature. Dust inlet 25 mg/Nm3, outlet 925 mg/Nm3,

Far exceeding the coking chemical pollution emission standard GB2012 table 6 requirements, completely meeting the national ultra-net emission standard.

The successful operation of this project marks the maturity of our company's low-temperature denitrification technology.

Not only high denitrification efficiency, but also low energy consumption and low operating cost,

This will be greatly beneficial to the application of coke oven flue gas desulfurization and denitrification project in the coking and steel industry and make greater contribution to the cause of environmental protection.